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Arrested for child prostitution?

Child prostitution occurs when a minor is pressured—whether by force, threats, or deceit—to engage in acts of sexual intercourse or other sexual acts in exchange for money, gifts, or things of value. In the vast majority of cases, child prostitutes are controlled by adults who may be guilty of a variety of other crimes such as kidnapping, child trafficking, and others.

When arrests are made, multiple charges may be levied in order to address any and all crimes committed. It is imperative to enlist the services of a San Francisco criminal attorney who understands prostitution charges and how they can be interpreted when children are involved.

Child prostitution may seem impossible to defend, but there is hope. Due to the persistent presence of prostitution and the medical, political, and other insecurities shared by the whole of our society in regard to this age-old practice, law enforcement has developed long-standing procedures for targeting and arresting; however, these operations are often fraught with errors.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in San Francisco, CA

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