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When you have been arrested and dragged into the judicial system in begins a whirlwind of events that could leave your life in shambles if not handled properly. One minute you were free to go about as you please and the next you are in hand-cuffs and your fate rests at the mercy of the justice system. Your choice of legal representation is a vital and life-altering decision because if you choose poorly, it is you who has to suffer the consequences for years to come. Attorneys can talk all they want, but can they follow through and hold up to what they say? At Okabe & Haushalter, our attorneys are driven to produce results and accomplish victorious verdicts for our clients. Productivity is key! We are personally invested in the success of each client and our track record can speak for itself. Read below about some of the verdicts and acquittals that we have attained for our previous clients.

Charge: Felony Domestic Battery with Great Bodily Injury Allegation. Result: Acquittal by Jury Los Angeles, California

A 29 year old man accused of beating his ex-girlfriend was found not guilty of all felony charges and allegations by a jury yesterday after only 45 minutes of deliberation. Attorney Ryan Okabe stated after the verdict was read: “I am glad that the jury was able to overcome the powerful photos the prosecution focused on and understand the real issues in this case. My client was never guilty of beating his ex-girlfriend.” The defense focused on the alleged victim’s credibility, alcohol abuse and motives to lie.

A vigorous cross-examination by Mr. Okabe of the prosecution’s medical expert resulted in the Doctor admitting that the injuries sustained by the alleged victim could have been self-inflicted and that her alcoholism contributed to the deep bruising on her body and fractured ribs.

Mr. Okabe stated: “I am thrilled that my client was exonerated today. We always believed in the innocence of our client and the jury today upheld our beliefs.”

The defendant was facing six years in prison if convicted.

Charge: Felony Possession of Methamphetamine. Result: Complete Dismissal.

Local Attorney Protects Student’s Privacy Rights in Landmark Ruling

Orange County, California

An Orange County Superior Court Judge dismissed all felony and misdemeanor drug charges against a 21 year old music student after ruling Garden Grove Police had illegally searched the defendant’s bedroom. Garden Grove Police, currently under investigation for unlawful beating of underage suspects, searched the home and safe of the defendant after an attempted home invasion robbery. Ryan T. Okabe, founding partner of the law firm of Okabe & Haushalter located in Redondo Beach, argued that the search violated his client’s Fourth Amendment right to privacy in her home and that the police were never given consent to search a locked safe found in his client’s bedroom. The Court agreed and found the search unconstitutional.

When asked about the Judge’s ruling, attorney Okabe stated “I respect this Court and it’s ability to make a tough decision based on the law and facts of this case. Clearly this was not an easy ruling, but the Court correctly found, based on precedent appellate court cases, that my client never gave consent to execute a proper search of her locked safe.” Okabe and Haushalter is a criminal defense firm dedicated to the aggressive representation of clients throughout Southern California.

The case centered around the search of a safe found in the defendant’s bedroom after she had called the police subsequent to an attempted home invasion robbery. Prosecutors reasoned that consent given to search the bedroom for weapons also constituted consent to search a locked safe for drugs. After vigorous cross-examination of the officers involved in the search, attorney Okabe successfully argued that citizens are afforded a greater expectation of privacy in their homes, especially within locked containers, and that specific consent is required to search locked items. The Court agreed and suppressed the evidence seized by Garden Grove Police in the unlawful search.

Attorney Okabe’s law partner, Mark J. Haushalter, a leading expert on Fourth Amendment law, commented, “The Court’s ruling today buttressed a long standing precedent that one has a greater expectation of privacy in one’s home and police can’t just waltz in and start opening up locked items. Today, the court upheld over two hundred years of Constitutional safeguards making American citizens safe in their homes.” Okabe added, “The Court today understood that our Constitutional protections are more relevant at this point in time than in any other. I applaud the courage and sound reasoning this court used in upholding our arguments.”

People v. J.S.
Date: 2011
ChargeDrunk in public
Outcome: Dismissal

People v. D.G.
Date: 2010
Charge: Felony possession of a controlled substance.
Outcome: Complete dismissal, with no DEJ or Prop. 36. Case was dismissed in the interest of justice

People v. D.R.
Date: 2009
Charge: Felony Charges of bringing controlled substances into a correctional institution.
Outcome: Dismissal of all charges

People v. T.H.
Date: 2011
Charge: Felony resisting arrest and drunk in public
Outcome: Complete dismissal of all charges

Charge: Juvenile Charged with Assault on Torrance Bus Driver
Outcome: Dismissal of all charges

Rodney King’s Attorney
Charge: All charges were dismissed
Outcome: Dismissed

OJ Simpson Case
Outcome: Immunity

People v. D.
Date: 2009
ChargeChild Pornography
Outcome: Dismissed. Client pled to misdemeanor charge with NO jail time and NO sex registration.
Description: Possession of child pornography investigated by the FBI, warrants issued and a confession.