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Qualified Criminal Defense Law Firm with a Record of Success

When you are facing criminal charges, your choice of legal representation is a critical issue. You must ensure that you have legal representation from a proven attorney with a record of successfully defending difficult cases. Without quality legal representation, even in a first time DUI you could face very serious consequences. In more serious felony charges, the trial talent and ability to present a compelling case can be pivotal with regard to the final case outcome.

At Okabe & Haushalter, we have gained a reputation throughout the state as a high quality, aggressive criminal law firm; we are often called upon by other law firms when they have need of an exceptional trial attorney. Often seen as legal analysts on both CNN and Headline News, Attorneys Ryan T. Okabe and Mark J. Haushalter, as well as the San Francisco office managing partner, Ryan J. King, have unmatched dedication, commitment, and an aggressive approach.

Our Areas of Practice

We can assist you in handling the following legal issues related to criminal law:

Regardless Of What Type Of Crime You Have Been Convicted Of In San Francisco, You Have A Right In The Court System To Appeal Any Decision You Believe Is Unfair. The Appeals Process For A San Francisco Criminal Charge Is Going To Be A Little Bit Different Than Your Original Trial, But You Are Still Going To Need A Knowledgeable And Skilled SF Defense Attorney By Your Side To Navigate The Legal Complexities Of These Matters.

California Penal Code Section 451 States That A Person Will Be Found Guilty Of Arson When They Willfully Or Maliciously Set Fires Or Cause Somebody To Be Burned. A Person Can Also Face Arson Charges If They Aid Somebody Else In Setting A Fire Or Give Them Instructions On How To Do So. Charges For Arson In San Francisco Carry Heavy Penalties, And A Skilled Defense Attorney Will Work To Thoroughly Investigate The Charges Against You.

Getting Arrested While Trying To Enter The United States At The Southern Border Can Be A Scary Experience. If You Or A Loved One Are Facing Charges For An Alleged Illegal Border Crossing, Speak To An Attorney About Your Case Immediately. US Immigration Laws Often Change Rapidly, But The San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorneys At Okabe & Haushalter Are Ready To Get To Work On Your Behalf.

Domestic Violence Laws In California Make It A Crime To Harm Or Threatened To Harm An Intimate Partner. This Can Include A Spouse, Former Spouse, Roommate, Long-Term Partner, Someone You Have A Child With, And More. There Are Various Types Of Domestic Violence Charges That Can Be Applied In San Francisco. Some Are Misdemeanors, And Some Are Felonies. In Many Cases, These Will Be Known As “Wobbler” Offenses That Can Be Charged As Either A Felony Or A Misdemeanor.

There Are Various Laws In California Related To Narcotics, And A Person Could Find Themselves Facing Misdemeanor Or Felony Charges Related To Possessing, Cultivating Or Manufacturing, Or Distributing Drugs. Drug Charges In San Francisco Can Result In Significant Prison Sentences. The Team At Okabe & Haushalter Has Extensive Experience Helping Clients Who Have Been Arrested For A Wide Range Of Drug-Related Offenses.

It Is Illegal To Operate A Vehicle In California With A Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Of .08% Or Higher. Police And Prosecutors In San Francisco Take DUI Cases Very Seriously. In Most Cases, A First-Time DUI Is Charged As A Misdemeanor Offense, But There Are Various Circumstances In Which A DUI Could Be A Felony. At Okabe & Haushalter, We Understand That A DUI Charge Can Significantly Affect Your Life, Including Your Ability To Get To Work. Let Us Help You Reach A Successful Conclusion To These Charges.

There Is An Array Of Federal Crimes That A Person Could Face Charges For, Ranging From Computer Crimes, Child Pornography Charges, Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, And More. If You Or A Loved One Are Facing Any Federal Charges, The Team At Okabe & Haushalter Is Ready To Help. We Understand That The Federal Court System Operates Differently Than The State Of California’s Justice System, And We Have Extensive Experience Helping Clients Who Have Faced Federal Charges.

Fraud Is The Act Of Intentionally Deceiving Another Person For The Purpose Of Personal Gain, Usually Financially. There Are Various Types Of Fraud In The State Of California. Perhaps The Most Common Type Of Fraud Clients May Be Familiar With Is Check Fraud, As Defined In California Penal Code § 476. However, Other Types Of Fraud We Help Clients Within The San Francisco Area Are Consumer Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Medicare Or Medicaid Fraud, And Mortgage Fraud.

The Charges Of Committing A Hate Crime Are Very Serious, And Anyone Suspected Of A Hate Crime May End Up Fighting More Than One Battle – One With The Prosecution And One With The Public. Hate Crimes Typically Involve Some Form Of Threat, Harassment, Intimidation, Or Serious Physical Harm Against Another Person Based On Their Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Etc. At Okabe & Haushalter, Our San Francisco Hate Crimes Attorneys Are Going To Conduct A Full Investigation Into Your Case To Form A Proper Defense On Your Behalf.

Juvenile Cases Are Going To Be Different In Criminal Defense Cases Involving Adults. These Cases Are Going To Be Heard By A Judge In The Juvenile Court System Without A Jury Being Present. This Process Is Geared Towards The Rehabilitation Of A Juvenile Who Has Committed A Crime. However, There Are Times When Aggressive Prosecutors Or A Judge Push To Escalate A Matter And Have A Juvenile Tried As An Adult. If You Or Somebody You Love Is Facing Charges Related To A Juvenile Crime In San Francisco, The Team At Okabe & Haushalter Is Going To Stand By Your Side.

There Are Various Types Of Sex Crimes That A Person Could Face In The San Francisco Area. These Offenses Occur When An Individual Imposes Their Will On Another Through Threats And Intimidation Or Actual Physical Force To Achieve Sexual Stimulation. Some Of The Most Common Sex Crime Cases That We Help Clients Deal With Include Sexual Battery, Rape, Prostitution, Sexual Conduct With A Minor, Child Molestation, Child Pornography, And More.

In The United States, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Is Tasked With Investigating Tax Crimes Across Three Categories: Legal Source Tax Crimes, Illegal Source Financial Crimes, And Counter-Terrorism Financing/Narcotics-Related Financing. The IRS Has A Criminal Investigative Division That Can Levy Charges Against Individuals. This Will Be Considered Federal Crimes, And The Team At Okabe & Haushalter Is Ready To Get To Work Helping You Through This.

There Are Various Charges That A Person Can Face In San Francisco Related To Theft Crimes. This Can Include Charges Related To Petty Theft Or Grand Theft. Petty Theft Charges Are Handed Down When Someone Is Accused Of Making Money Or Property Valued At $950 Or Less. Grand Theft Charges Are Applied To Anyone Taking More Than That Amount. These Charges Can Be Misdemeanors Or Felonies, And Can Lead To Either Time In County Jail Or Incarceration In State Prison.

The Term “White-Collar Crime” Describes Various Offenses That A Person Can Commit When They Seek To Defraud Or Steal Items From Another Person Or Entity. In Most Cases, White-Collar Crimes Are Not Violent Offenses, But Rather, They Involve Illegal Financial Transactions. Some Of The Most Common White-Collar Crime Offenses That The Team At Okabe & Haushalter Helps Clients With Include Embezzlement, Forgery, Insider Trading, Public Corruption, Fraud, Internet Sex Crimes, Possession Of Child Pornography, Tax Evasion, And More.

There Are No Crimes Taken More Seriously By Officials In San Francisco And Those That Are Violent In Nature. At Okabe & Haushalter, Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Had Extensive Experience Helping Clients Who Have Been Charged With The Following: Assault And Battery, Kidnapping, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Or Rape, Burglary Or Armed Robbery, Manslaughter Or Murder. If You Or A Loved One Has Been Charged With A Violent Crime, Do Not Hesitate Before Seeking Assistance From A Skilled SF Criminal Defense Attorney.

No matter the exact charges you are facing, you can be confident knowing that our firm can be there to stand up for your legal rights. With extensive experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system that we can apply to your case.

If you would like to learn more about how our criminal defense lawyers can fight for your future, we encourage you to contact us today! We are proud to offer completely free case evaluations where we can discuss the logistics of your case and all of your potential options.