It’s no secret that a negative stigma surrounds an individual who has been accused of child abuse. The social consequences of a child abuse charge, not to mention a conviction, can be detrimental in many areas of both the personal and professional life of the accused. It is unfortunate that due to the intensely personal nature of child abuse there is a presumption of guilt on the part of the defendant. Despite these common presumptions and stigmas, the mere claim by one party that another adult has abused a child does not make it true. Even if you are innocent without question, if you have been accused of child abuse it is imperative that you seek the legal representation of a San Francisco domestic violence lawyer.

Legal Defense Against Child Abuse Charges

There are a wide range of actions and events that can fall under the legal category of child abuse. When heated arguments and domestic problems arise within a home or family, the perception of the parties involved can be skewed. It follows that when an individual involved in such a situation makes child abuse allegations, there is room for error of interpretation. In these kinds of cases, a lawyer’s objective is to determine and articulate the true facts surrounding what took place in a way that most benefits the outcome of your case. In order to work toward an optimal legal outcome, the skills of a knowledgeable and qualified attorney will be necessary.

Complexities of Child Neglect Charges

Child neglect can fall under the legal classification of child abuse, which is a serious charge. The defining borders of what is and what is not child neglect must be clarified immediately to all parties involved. In the state of California, child neglect is defined as the failure of a parent or guardian to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and/or supervision for their child. It does not necessarily entail physical harm. With so many factors involved, child neglect can vary in its appearance from case to case, and person to person.

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The legal and social risks involved in a child abuse case call for immediate and capable representation. At the law firm of Okabe & Haushalter, we have successfully represented numerous clients in child abuse cases. Our firm has extensive experience in high-pressure cases and an understanding of the importance of the personal aspects of domestic violence charges. We have represented clients through a number of high-profile legal proceedings, as well as smaller domestic cases. Call us now to obtain excellent representation to help with your case.

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