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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), bath salts are the latest wave of dangerous recreational drugs used by young people in the United States to get high. In short, bath salts are a synthetic power sold online under a multitude of names, including ivory wave, purple wave, red dove, blue silk, ocean snow, bloom, cloud nine, zoom, lunar wave, vanilla sky, white lighting, and Scarface. According to NIDA, bath salts are new to the drug abuse scene, making it difficult to understand their exact chemical make-up or the consequence of their use.

Thus far, NIDA knows that bath salts contain ingredients similar to chemicals found in meth. Generally speaking, bath salts are administered through an injection or taken orally. They are used to stimulate the user’s brain—like cocaine—and appear to have a variety of negative side effects. According to some, using bath salts may cause chest pain, suicidal thoughts, and high blood pressure. According to studies conducted overseas, bath salts are highly addictive too. Like meth users, individuals who take bath salts appear to experience intense cravings. Some doctors are concerned because users demonstrated suicidal tendencies after the drug’s effects wore off.

Bath Salt Statistics

According to NIDA, a substantial number of emergency room visits and calls to poison control centers have resulted from bath salt use. Last year, more than 250 calls to local poison control centers were connected to bath salts in a two month time period. Even with these dangers, people continue to use bath salts and many ER doctors are concerned at the number of patients to receive who are suffering illness or injury because of the drug. Additionally, the number of calls to poison control centers regarding the drug increased from 2010 to 2011.

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