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Have you been charged with consumer fraud in San Francisco or surrounding areas? If you are facing consumer fraud charges, you may be wondering what the implications of this may be. Consumer fraud is a serious crime that is harshly prosecuted in court. Consumers are protected from consumer fraud through consumer protection and product safety laws. It may be one or more of these laws that you are being charged with breaking. If you are facing charges of consumer fraud, contact a criminal defense attorney from our firm to discuss your case.

Fraud is very serious. It can be charged as federal crimes, which can be punished with years in federal prison and tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. You may also be forced to pay restitution to the alleged victims of your fraudulent activities if you are convicted. Your best hope for avoiding a conviction is to hire an experienced defense attorney who can help you argue your defense in court, or negotiate with prosecutors to seek a reduced charge for you. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, we may be able to have your charged dropped entirely.

Consumer fraud is the act of practicing deception that results in financial losses for the consumer. It can occur in what appears to be legitimate business transactions. However, consumers may later find out that there are hidden charges, that the product they bought was defective, or that their identity was stolen through personal information. All of these crimes are punishable in federal court, and you will need aggressive legal representation defending you if you stand trial.

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Okabe & Haushalter understands the devastating effect that a conviction can have on your life. From your business relationships to your everyday personal life, being convicted can sully your reputation and cost you huge amounts of money in fines. We are dedicated to helping our clients minimize the damage that they will incur if convicted. Our attorneys do not shy away from litigation, and we do not accept a plea bargain or settlement if we believe we can win in court.

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