Understanding Medicare Fraud Charges

Fraud charges, even if they are false, can do irreparable harm to your good name and reputation. These kinds of charges can be a terrible detriment to your professional career. If you have been charged with Medicare fraud, contact a San Francisco criminal defense attorney from our firm today. Medicare fraud occurs when healthcare providers submit falsified or padded bills to Medicare for payment and can cost the federal government millions of dollars every year. For this reason, Medicare fraud is severely and aggressively pursued by federal law enforcement.

Federal crimes like Medicare fraud come with harsh punishments. Under the federal sentencing guidelines, Medicare fraud can result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines and years in prison. In addition, the defendant may be forced to pay restitution for the original crimes and may be on probation for years after. If you are being charged with Medicare fraud, it is essential that you have legal representation that will defend you with fervor and dedication. Having an experienced attorney defending you may be your best hope in avoiding conviction and prison.

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Okabe & Haushalter has the experience you need in a defense attorney. We have handled numerous criminal cases over the years, and we can analyze your case and possibly negotiate with the prosecution to reduce your charges. Our firm is comprised of top-rated attorneys, and we have served as legal analysts for CNN and Headline News. We have handled high profile cases,and understand the complex nature of fraud cases and how best to defend them.

If you have been charged, contact a San Francisco fraud attorney from our firm today. We offer a free case evaluation where we can discuss your legal options.

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