Kidnapping is a serious charge in California. Under California Penal Code § 207, kidnapping is the use of fear, force, or deception to move a person a substantial distance. Kidnapping is a felony and the penalties are substantial. When an accusation of kidnapping in combined with an allegation of domestic violence, the potential penalties are harsh as prosecutors become very aggressive in any domestic violence case. Since the law concerning domestic violence is highly complex, you will need to consult a San Francisco domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

Domestic Violence & Kidnapping

Forcing an ex-spouse or girlfriend into a vehicle to drive somewhere to “talk out” a disagreement constitutes kidnapping. The taking of a child away from the other parent who has custody of the child can mean facing criminal kidnapping charges and could include child abuse charges. If the “kidnapped” person is injured—no matter how accidentally—seriousness of charges can increase.

The penalties for kidnapping include the following:

  • Substantial Fines
  • Restitution
  • Counseling
  • Prison

Facing kidnapping charges is an urgent matter. When the stakes are this high, an experienced domestic violence lawyer is your only hope of avoiding conviction.

Aggressive Defense from our San Francisco Law Firm

Okabe & Haushalter is nationally recognized for quality legal counsel and provides insightful and aggressive legal representation to clients facing kidnapping allegations throughout San Francisco. In domestic violence cases, the police are going to make an arrest and the alleged victim has no power to prevent a prosecution from going forward. It is vital that you remain silent and make no explanations regarding the incident until you have spoken with your lawyer. As a former prosecutor, a domestic violence lawyer at our firm understands your future is at risk and is committed to protecting your rights and taking immediate action to prevent charges from being filed or to gain an acquittal for you. Charged with kidnapping? Contact a San Francisco kidnapping attorney at our firm who is determined to gain a positive result for you.

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