What is mortgage fraud? What defenses are available

Mortgage fraud occurs when a consumer wishing to obtain a loan misrepresents or omits information on the application so that they may obtain a larger loan or a smaller interest rate. Additionally, people who have poor credit and do not qualify for a loan may perpetrate mortgage fraud by lying on applications to make themselves more attractive borrowers. Mortgage fraud is generally considered a federal crime; however, since the housing crisis has led to a rash of such cases, many states have also begun to pass mortgage fraud laws. If you are being charged with mortgage fraud, contact a defense attorney from our firm to discuss your case and your options.

There are many possible defenses that may be useful to your case, depending upon individual circumstances. It is very hard to prove that someone’s income changed or that they falsified information on a loan application in some other way. Other forms of mortgage fraud, such as occupancy fraud, are even more difficult to prove. Our firm is dedicated to the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty, and we can fight tirelessly to help you possibly avoid conviction.

Mortgage Fraud Penalties

Mortgage fraud is severely prosecuted and punished under federal law. Besides monetary fines that can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, there is also a possibility of a jail sentence of up to 30 years. We believe that our clients do not deserve to spend 30 years in prison for a nonviolent crime of this nature, and we will fight our hardest to reduce your charges or sentencing, or to have your charges dropped altogether. Okabe & Haushalter understands the nature of fraud cases and can offer insight that may be of benefit in your defense strategy.

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